Learn How To Sing Better


At Encantada Live, we listen to YOU. We customize our vocal coachings to your learning goals. We'll teach you the basics of singing, such as breathing and vocal technique. Learn how to sing better today!
Vocal coaching as a holistic experience. What is blocking your voice on a technical level, and what emotional issue is this a result of? How exactly do we get you from where you are to where you want to be? How can you sing better than ever before?
Whether you are an up-and-comer who wants to learn the ropes, or a professional artist that needs guidance on how to take better care of your voice and sound larger than life, we can teach you the formula to succeed.

What others say:

Esther - Online Singing Lessons LA

“To me, the best part about Maruja’s coachings was how spirited she remained from the first lesson on. Each session, she was keen on teaching me new things in a way that worked best for me. Besides being very educational, the sessions were always so much fun. Maruja is an incredibly cheerful, enthusiastic coach, who is very fun to work with!”

Barbara Vocal Coaching Los Angeles

“My vocal coach Maruja is very inspiring and an amazing singer. She’s sweet and patient and knows a lot about singing skills and the practical tools to get better. Maruja is not only focused on talent but she also understands the longing for exploring your personal voice without fear. Thank you Maruja, you sure changed my negative thinking about my personal voice into a fun joyful exploring experience.”

José - Singing Lessons Hollywood

“Maruja is a very likeable person, with perfect hearing when it comes to what you are physically doing when you sing. She really understands how the voice works and through thoroughly listening to your voice she gives you feedback that is useful, understandable and just what you need. She helps you to get the most out of your talent. Going step by step she will guide and lead you to becoming a great singer and feel comfortable and happy with your own instrument. She helps you breathe the right way, loosen up tension in the wrong places and use the correct muscles to make some real noise! Having Maruja as a teacher is not only fun, but you will also truly learn something valuable ;-)”


Maruja as a person is kind, friendly, attentive and a great listener. Personal traits that obviously make her a great teacher. She pushed me to levels I didn’t know I could reach…. technical levels, but also the emotional and spiritual side of what it means to sing. She explains the technical side with humor, patience and great concrete visual steps. Maruja always hears the person, knows what is going on, and has the expertise to do something with the information. Her ear is always sensitive, leaving me stunned at times, surprised at her knowledge and empathy, I always feel safe to push myself, and BE myself, knowing her guidance will keep me on track. She is an inspiring lady.


“The most precious and the most important thing that Maruja has to offer (besides her knowledge on vocal technique , of course!) is a very safe environment and the feeling you can trust her. This is so incredibly important when you are doing something as vulnerable as learning how to sing! She is supportive, understanding and really tunes into you so she can provide exactly what you need. Besides this, she is also cheerful and clearly enjoys what she does, and she is incredibly gifted at connecting with people. I don’t know many people that have such an open and loving attitude towards others. Because of all this, she is more than ‘just’ a vocal coach,, she touches on deeper levels. You will get to know yourself better, and that will help you express yourself vocally.”