What is

Vocal Psychology?

How would it feel to be the singer you are in your wildest dreams?

The main thought behind Vocal Psychology® is that the real job of a singer is to make you FEEL something. When you think of an iconic performance by Beyonce or Adele or Billie Eilish or Ariana Grande or Whitney Houston or… (you get the picture), they don’t ‘just’ sing a song. Something special is going on there between the artist and the audience. It’s the kind of performance that moves people, that touches their hearts, that tells a story, that keeps you on the edge of your seat, that transcends space & time…

If you want to be an artist of the highest calibre (no pressure), you have to:
a) CONNECT to real emotions (scary)
and b) SHARE those emotions through voice (even scarier)

Ok, so where does Vocal Psychology® come in? Simple: Every singer has challenges, disguised as ‘technical challenges’. But to be quite honest… after coaching hundreds of clients, I believe that 99% of all technical issues are in fact emotional issues.

I’ll prove it to you:

How do you sing when you are nervous, scared, embarrassed, uncomfortable, self-conscious, or unsure about yourself?

How do you sing when you are confident, in the flow, aligned, connected with yourself & connecting with your audience?

Did you notice what happened purely on a physical level when you imagined both situations?! You let your EMOTIONS influence your muscles, your posture, your energy. Are you starting to understand how important it is to have an empowering mindset? There is NO REASON why you couldn’t be a good singer. The only reason you don’t sound the way you want to sound, is because you’ve created tension in your body…with your brain. With your thoughts and your beliefs.

Have you ever felt any of this?

  • “I hate my voice!”
  • “I just can’t reach that high note.”
  • “Singing is a struggle for me…”
  • “I don’t know how to sing with power”
  • “I’m too shy / nervous to sing in front of people!”
  • “I’m not really a singer, I’m just kind of…faking it”
  • “I feel like I could do better, but I don’t know how”
  • “I’m not good enough to be a professional singer”


Or have you gotten feedback like this?
“I like your voice, but…”

  • “…it’s not unique enough”
  • “…I want to hear more emotion”
  • “…it’s just not quite there yet”

Vocal Psychology® is about getting your mindset to a state of positivity and excitement and success. It’s about telling yourself nice things that make you perform BETTER, instead of beating yourself up & holding yourself back. It’s about getting your voice in the best shape its EVER been, and allowing yourself to shine. Vocal Psychology is about mastering all the parts of yourself: your body, your mind, your emotional system, instead of letting things happen to you.

{Vocal psychology:
the peak performance state for singers}

The Vocal Psychology® coaching sessions are as much about self-acceptance, self-healing and self-actualization as they are about learning how to be the best singer you can possibly be. It’s not about ‘finding’ your voice, it’s about allowing your authentic voice to shine through 🙂 Top notch holistic vocal coaching that doesn’t stop at just teaching you some tricks and techniques; we challenge you, support you and help you reprogram your brain in a way that will help you get from ‘pretty good’ to ‘professional’, with profound NLP-exercises, thought experiments, visualization, meditation. The most complete ‘singing lesson’ you’ve ever had!

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