Vocal Psychology®

Coaching Program

Want to sing with ease, bring out your best voice
Perform with Confidence?
Sing with Confidence
Sing With Confidence (Brands)

imagine if…

…you could sing in an easy, intuitive way?
…you finally really mastered vocal technique
and felt in total control of your singing voice?
… you were able to publicly perform, feeling confident & having fun,
…you would turn those public performances into magical experiences
that really WOW your audience & turn them into hardcore fans ?
…you could develop your natural tone into a solid singing voice
that you can rely on under any circumstance?
…you reached a completely new level in your singing and in your artist career?
Want to make this your reality?
The Vocal Psychology® Program provides you
the blueprint to achieve all of this, and more.
The Vocal Psychology® coaching program

The Vocal Psychology® program is a private online mentorship
of 44 sessions in 12 months,
that will help you sing like a professional
and build up the confidence to perform at the level you want.

This might sound crazy,
but 99% of all the challenges you face as a singer
have an emotional source.

(Yup, even your TECHNICAL challenges, such as mixed voice)

Muscles react to our thoughts & beliefs… Self-limiting beliefs create negative tension
(‘I can’t do it’, ‘that note is too high’, ‘I’m embarrassed’, etc).

In order to use the voice and the body in the most complete and powerful way,
singers need to optimize their thoughts: adopt an empowering mindset and positive self-talk.

This will encourage the body to become a more resonant space that is free of tension,
finally able to APPLY healthy vocal technique &
produce a warm, clear, intentional sound,
allowing the singer to successfully channel and convey emotions.

We are here to turn singers into confident performers.

You’ll learn absolutely everything you need to know and do
to sing with your best voice,

and perform at your absolute full potential.

Success Stories

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When I started the Vocal Psychology program, I had a complete lack of confidence that I could ever be a solo artist. I felt like I didn’t belong on stage, even though that’s where I wholeheartedly wanted to be. Now, I perform regularly (all over the world!), signed with a record label (currently recording my second EP!), and…I finally feel AMAZING on stage. Maru has such a kind and generous approach to coaching that I value highly. She has always seen the best in me and helped me to find it for myself.

BARBARA, mother of KATYA

“Our daughter is a strong actress, model, and pianist…but what she really wants to do is sing. She has a sweet voice with beautiful pitch, but lacks the confidence to perform. In her time with Maru, she’s learning to “feel” the music, use more space (both physically and emotionally), and develop her innate talents. Maru knows how to bring the fire out of a developing artist. What a gift!”

Esther - Online Singing Lessons LA

“To me, the best part about Maru’s coachings was how spirited she remained from the first lesson on. Each session, she was keen on teaching me new things in a way that worked best for me. Besides being very educational, the sessions were always so much fun. Maru is an incredibly cheerful, enthusiastic coach, who is very fun to work with!”

Barbara Vocal Coaching Los Angeles

“My vocal coach Maru is very inspiring and an amazing singer. She’s sweet and patient and knows a lot about singing skills and the practical tools to get better. Maru is not only focused on talent, but she also understands the longing for exploring your personal voice without fear. Thank you Maru, you sure changed my negative thinking about my personal voice into a fun joyful exploring experience.”

Is This You?

– You know you have potential as a singer, but you are not quite sure how to make the most of your gifts

– You sometimes find it embarrassing to call yourself a singer and wonder if you belong on stage
(even when you’re a professional performer & people tell you you’re amazing)

– When you have regular gigs, you feel tension in your throat
as if you’ve been straining too much

– There are technical things you haven’t quite mastered yet
(mixed voice, breath control, belt notes, runs, etc)

– You are not showing the world ALL that you’re capable of:
you’re not performing as regularly as you like,
you’re not getting the fee you’d like,
you’re not playing with musicians yet,
you’re not recording your songs,
you’re not singing loud & proud the way you know you could… (yet), etc.

– You compare yourself to other artists and feel like you don’t measure up

Insecurities are holding you back, and you tend to beat yourself up over it

– You don’t feel 100% confident about your voice & your performance,
and sometimes you even question if you have what it takes at all…


….but on a deep level you *just* feel:

If the statements above describe YOU….
The Vocal Psychology® program is the perfect solution for you.

IS more than ‘just’
vocal coaching

Vocal Psychology® vs. Traditional Singing Lessons
gives you the tools
to not only be a professional singer,
but also a performer and an artist
(and a happy human being…)
Skype Singing Lessons

Vocal Psychology® is about getting your mindset to a state of positivity and excitement and success.

It’s about telling yourself nice things that make you perform BETTER,
instead of beating yourself up & holding yourself back.
It’s about getting your voice in the best shape its EVER been, and allowing yourself to shine.

Vocal Psychology is about mastering all the parts of yourself:
your body, your mind, your emotional system,
instead of letting things happen to you.

{Vocal psychology®:
the peak performance state for singers}

The Vocal Psychology® coaching sessions are as much
about self-acceptance, self-healing and self-actualization
as they are about learning how to be the best singer you can possibly be.

It’s not about ‘finding’ your voice, it’s about allowing your authentic voice to shine through 🙂

We remove technical and emotional obstacles.
Top notch holistic vocal coaching that doesn’t stop at
just teaching you some tricks and techniques;

we challenge you, support you
and help you reprogram your brain in a way
that will help you get from ‘pretty good’ to ‘professional’,

with profound NLP-exercises, thought experiments, visualization, meditation.

The most complete ‘singing lesson’ you’ve ever had!

By the end of the Vocal Psychology® program, you will:

✓ understand your body & mind as a complete vocal system

✓ have a foolproof singing system
that not only covers the basics, but also advanced vocal techniques
(such as high belting, mixed voice, falsetto)

✓ have all the tools to cultivate a success mindset:
you’ll have changed your self-limiting beliefs into positive mantras

✓ understand the techniques for positive reprogramming of your brain,
and the positive re-framing of your fears & insecurities
(such as severe stage fright, or mic anxiety)

✓ have more confidence, ease & joy;
more trust in yourself and what wants to come through,
and more able to let go when you sing

✓ know how to create magical performances,
where you truly connect with your audience

✓ have a solid strategy to genuinely move listeners with your singing voice

✓ learning how to let go when you sing

✓ understand exactly how to solve any problem
regarding your voice, mindset & performance,

✓ have the tools to overcome your fear of messing up

✓ know exactly how to relax your jaw

✓ a 1:1 mentor to support you in reaching your goals.

Success Stories


I seem to have a breakthrough every time we meet. It’s very exciting to feel such rapid progress. I’m so happy I signed up with you; I wasn’t sure it would be worth the money, but it has exceeded my best expectations! You are awesome Maru; keep doing you!!


“Maru has been a trusted partner in our daughter’s life and career. What sets Maru apart is that she genuinely cares on a personal level. Her strength is that she’s able to perfectly balance both the professional side (perfecting vocal technique and getting the highest quality performances possible) with the emotional side (dealing with the complexities of being a teenage girl in a complicated world). She manages both – very important – aspects of Rachel’s life extremely well. By coaching Rachel in channeling her emotions through singing, she has pushed her to completely new levels in terms of vocal performance. Through working with her, we’ve gotten private auditions for America’s Got Talent, and caught the interest of some truly big industry players. Maru really helps our daughter deliver when it counts and when the pressure is on. We couldn’t have gotten where we are without Maru!”

José - Singing Lessons Hollywood

“Maruja is a very likeable person, with perfect hearing when it comes to what you are physically doing when you sing. She really understands how the voice works and through thoroughly listening to your voice she gives you feedback that is useful, understandable and just what you need. She helps you to get the most out of your talent. Going step by step she will guide and lead you to becoming a great singer and feel comfortable and happy with your own instrument. She helps you breathe the right way, loosen up tension in the wrong places and use the correct muscles to make some real noise! Having Maruja as a teacher is not only fun, but you will also truly learn something valuable ;-)”


Maruja as a person is kind, friendly, attentive and a great listener. Personal traits that obviously make her a great teacher. She pushed me to levels I didn’t know I could reach…. technical levels, but also the emotional and spiritual side of what it means to sing. She explains the technical side with humor, patience and great concrete visual steps. Maruja always hears the person, knows what is going on, and has the expertise to do something with the information. Her ear is always sensitive, leaving me stunned at times, surprised at her knowledge and empathy, I always feel safe to push myself, and BE myself, knowing her guidance will keep me on track. She is an inspiring lady.


“The most precious and the most important thing that Maruja has to offer (besides her knowledge on vocal technique , of course!) is a very safe environment and the feeling you can trust her. This is so incredibly important when you are doing something as vulnerable as learning how to sing better! She is supportive, understanding and really tunes into you so she can provide exactly what you need. Besides this, she is also cheerful and clearly enjoys what she does, and she is incredibly gifted at connecting with people. I don’t know many people that have such an open and loving attitude towards others. Because of all this, she is more than ‘just’ a vocal coach,, she touches on deeper levels. You will get to know yourself better, and that will help you express yourself vocally.”


Maru works her magic so quickly to get her students to open up and improve their vocal quality. It took 30 minutes with her to drastically change my performance to one with the ease of a seasoned performer!

Your journey to peak performance with


starts here:

Schedule an online strategy session with Maru to discover
how Vocal Psychology® will help you
master your mind, your voice and your performance

We’re here to help!

During this 30 min private session, we will:

✓ analyze your singing voice

✓ go over some helpful exercises

✓ talk about your singing goals & challenges

Let’s create your personal development plan in an online strategy session with Maru!

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