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Success coaching for singers.

What is Vocal Psychology®?

Learn How to Sing Online with Vocal Psychology

The peak performance mindset for singers!

Did you know that your thoughts actually influence what you can do with your voice? For instance, you can learn how to create volume, but if you – deep down – believe that you’re not a good singer… your muscles will react to that belief by holding back your voice.

If only there was a way to learn how to sing
AND feel like a ‘real’ singer.
To feel great on stage,
to perform like a pro in the studio,
to design your artist career on your own terms.

Guess what? That’s exactly what the Vocal Psychology® program is all about.


If you feel like you could do better, but don’t have a clue how to get there… search no more, darling.
You’ve come to the right place.

In the Vocal Psychology® program you will learn how to sing like a professional AND build up the confidence you need to perform at the level you want. Don’t settle for less than your full potential any longer!

Book your strategy session with a holistic vocal coach, and let me know: How are you holding yourself back?

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Here’s what you can expect:

Development plan

Learn How to Sing

set measurable goals & vision

define limiting beliefs

holistic (but not vague) approach

ambitious, concrete & result-oriented

Vocal analysis

Learn How to Sing

what is your voice really capable of?

zero judgment policy

exercises for YOUR voice

mind-blowing tricks that help you improve fast

online coaching
Learn How to Sing

from the comfort of your own home

no driving, no parking, no hassle

screen recording of your session

you can wear pj’s (no one will ever know)

Reviews of Vocal Psychology®:


Maruja is a special and talented person. In my very first lesson, her unique gift became apparent… the ability to see into someone’s heart and use her intuition and skill to pull out the very best of them. I felt like she “got me” immediately, recognizing my strengths and weaknesses and addressing each of them with an impressive mix of vocal techniques and personal connection. She had me recite the words of my song before I sang it and pushed me to connect emotionally in a way I had not done before. I am so grateful to have found a special person like her.


Maruja as a person is kind, friendly, attentive and a great listener. Personal traits which obviously make her a great teacher. She pushed me to levels I didn’t know I could reach…. technical levels but also the emotional and spiritual side of what it means to sing. She could explain the technical side with humor, patience and great concrete visual steps. They say you need to listen to hear something, and you can listen without hearing. Maruja always hears the person, knows what is going on, and has the expertise to do something with the information. Her ear to hear is always sensitive, leaving me stunned at times, surprised at her knowledge and empathy, I always feel safe to push myself, and be myself knowing her guidance will keep me on track. She is an inspiring lady.


The most precious and the most important thing that Maruja has to offer (besides her knowledge on vocal technique , of course!) is a very safe environment and the feeling you can trust her. This is so incredibly important when you are doing something as vulnerable as learning how to sing! She is supportive, understanding and really tunes into you so she can provide exactly what you need. Besides this, she is also cheerful and clearly enjoys what she does, and she is incredibly gifted at connecting with people. I don’t know many people that have such an open and loving attitude towards others. Because of all this, she is more than ‘just’ a vocal coach,, she touches on deeper levels. You will get to know yourself better, and that will help you express yourself vocally.


Maru works her magic so quickly to get her students to open up and improve their vocal quality. It took 30 minutes with her to drastically change my performance to one with the ease of a seasoned performer!


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